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My Pretty Cool

"Hi my name is Oksana. This is my personal blog"


Original. Extreme and Full of Great Surprises.

“So, tell me, tell me, tell me, how was Dubai?” the question I got from almost every friend and family who knew about our next adventure. And adventure it was!
To say that Dubai is … un-be-liev-able almost in everything would be an understatement (well, at least for me). My answer would be: Dubai is extreme and yet original and full of great surprises.
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Florence, Italy

They say Paris is the city of love. For me, it’s Florence and for many different reasons, starting with the most important – Italian ice cream.



Pisa, Italy

Yes, the Tower is Leaning. Yes, the coffee is delicious. Yes, pizza at 11 am is a late breakfast, not a lunch. Yes, Pisa is the place where I came up with a brilliant idea to finally go to New York (the sign was obvious) :-). We stayed at the crappiest hotel so far. It was clean though and we had our own bathroom which is basically a luxery for low budget hotels, which I guess makes it a luxery destination then.

London, Baby!

Have you any idea how loved you are?

Isn’t there Big Ben and Big Eye in London? Yes. If yes, then why did we end up photographying pelicans in London? I don’t know. Because the guy was posing for us?


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